ROC Equipment

ROC Equipment provides new and used Foundation Drilling Equipment for rent or sell. With years of experience in the Drilling Industry our experts and consultants can help you with your bidding process, equipment needs, drilled shaft methodology and anomaly repair plans. We provide consulting and training on oscillators and rotators. 

Casing Rotators

ROC has the leading technology and experience in the industry with casing rotators. Our rotators have more torque, faster rotation speeds, and a higher extraction force than the leading competitors. Let our experienced staff help you learn to operate rotators to streamline production, and to develop new drilling methodologies to cut through hard earth and unforeseen conditions. 

ROC’s rotators were designed with the highest quality support and structure, making even the toughest jobs easy to handle. Our rotators come complete with safety rails, non-slip track pads, and additional safety features, ensuring your safety on the jobsite. Attachable tracks allow the rotator to be easily mobile, and the rotator also has the capability of housing the power pack on the rotator deck, giving you the extra room needed to get the job done.


  • Casing Diameter: 800-1,500mm

  • Weight: 30ton

  • Extraction Force: 211ton at 320bar

  • Torque: 2,021kN.m

  • Rotation speed: 0-2.42rpm


  • Casing Diameter: 1,000-2,000mm

  • Weight: 40ton

  • Extraction Force: 363ton at 320bar

  • Torque: 2,591kN.m

  • Rotation speed: 0-2.6rpm


  • Casing Diameter: 1,500-2,500mm

  • Weight: 64ton

  • Extraction Force: 486ton at 320 bar

  • Torque: 5,411kN.m

  • Rotation Speed: 0-2.34rpm


  • Casing Diameter: 2,000-3,000mm

  • Weight 75ton

  • Extraction Force: 532ton at 320bar

  • Torque: 5,890kN.m

  • Rotation Speed: 0-1.8rpm

  Housing the Power Pack on the Rotator Deck

Housing the Power Pack on the Rotator Deck

Your rotator can be as unique as your company and project. Ask ROC how you can paint your equipment a custom color, add your company logo, choose any number of attachment options, tracks, counterweights, and housing decks for power packs. You'll love how one-of-a-kind your equipment can really be. 

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