ROC Equipment

ROC Equipment provides new and used Foundation Drilling Equipment for rent or sell. With years of experience in the Drilling Industry our experts and consultants can help you with your bidding process, equipment needs, drilled shaft methodology and anomaly repair plans. We provide consulting and training on oscillators and rotators. 

BUMA Hammer Grab Specs
BUMA Spherical Grab Specs

Hammer Grab

Hammer grabs are ideal to use in harder soils or conditions where boulders are present. The beak-like design of the hammer grab helps to break-up boulders, and allows easier extraction of large debris in shafts.


Chisels are great for breaking through the most solid rock and hard ground. A chisel can crush through rocks with high psi ratings. Using a chisel to break up large amounts of solid ground can extend the life of your spherical and hammer grabs. 

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